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Monsoon Is Here – Have You Checked Your Vehicle Insurance?

Monsoon might be rejuvenating for the entire flora and fauna, but it is any day a big threat to your vehicle health. Rain water can let loose your car health. However, a little precaution is mandatory and here the best Maruti Showroom in Ranchi advises you to equip your car with appropriate car insurance before the monsoon.

Driving on Indian roads is a real-time struggle during the rainy season. People come to our Maruti Showroom in Ranchi and share different stories of driving experience in the monsoon. From their stories, a single thought keeps on popping up- ‘you need to be really brave enough while driving in the monsoon.’

Well, that’s not the case actually!

Along with the servicing during pre-monsoon, you should take an insurance which covers the entire accidental damage part including the coverage of electrical parts, engine, and the body (interior and exterior).

If your car is protected by a comprehensive insurance, you can easily claim the amounts spent on repairing and servicing and get the refund accordingly.

Additionally, you can file a claim to the insured declared value of your car even if it’s theft.


Not really. Let’s have a look now how you can get benefited with availing a comprehensive insurance –

But before that do you know what kind of damages that could be covered by insurance are?

Damages caused by hailstorms, flooding, leakage in window and the sealing around, and damage to equipment are covered by any available insurance.

Spoiler alert!!!

You won’t believe – more than 50% of the vehicles running on the Indian roads don’t have any insurance.

Being the best Maruti dealer in Ranchi, it’s our responsibility to let you know that as per the motor vehicles Act in India, it’s mandatory to have vehicle insurance while buying any motor-driven vehicle.

Without insurance vehicle is a subject to heavy fine attraction or even imprisonment in the worst case scenario.

Speaking about the car insurance, we would like to inform you that there are two types of insurance available in the market, i.e. – third-party liability car insurance and comprehensive car insurance policy.

For cars, buying third-party liability car insurance is compulsory as per Indian road laws.

Breaking down the third-party norm: Owner is the first party, an insurer is the second party, and the person involved in the accident with the insured car is the third party.

Third-party insurance gives financial protection to your four-wheeler when the vehicle gets damaged by another person or vehicle on road.

Comprehensive car insurance: Comprehensive car insurance policy covers car damage caused by natural calamity. Monsoon damages fall under this category.

Cashless claims usually get settled within 7-10 working days, 15-20 working days will take to solve the reimbursement claims. (Inclusion of 18% GST applicable from July 1, 2017)

As a leading Maruti Showroom in Ranchi we offer best of car insurance services for your new or used cars. Please check out the available insurance option online here and feel free to ask for any suggestion.

Premsons is the only Maruti dealer in Ranchi which assists you to get a proper car insurance starting from applying for insurance till the time you sell your car.

Are you still thinking which option to choose for your vehicle protection?

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9 Reasons Why People In Ranchi Always Choose Premsons Motor

9 Reasons Why People In Ranchi Always Choose Premsons Motor

Premsons Motor is undoubtedly one of the best car dealers in Ranchi. Not only the new cars, but for used cars in Ranchi you can also visit the same address.  Premsons has achieved 10,000 sales in this financial year. People go nowhere else for attractive and new car offers in Ranchi. Forget all the guesswork; purchasing a car from Premsons will be a great experience for you. Trustworthy service and great customer care makes them one of the best car dealers in Ranchi.

Premsons is the authorized Maruti car dealer in Ranchi which has been a hot favourite of the car purchasers in Ranchi for since last 3 years. For risk-free and superior car purchasing experience people only choose Premsons. Therefore, be it a new or a used one, buying cars in Ranchi can never be a challenge.  Premsons Motor is an award-winning car showroom in Ranchi that offers the coolest discounts to pop by.

Here’s why the people of Ranchi love buying their vehicles from Premsons – the best Maruti showroom in Ranchi-

  • Availability of a wide range of trending Maruti cars.
  • Availability of on budget luxury cars.
  • Association with leading car loan and car insurance companies.
  • Best available deals on new cars in Ranchi.
  • Multiple outlets in prime areas of Ranchi.
  • Excellent vehicle and customer service.
  • Immense value of trust and transparent transaction process.
  • Effortless and valuable purchase experience.
  • Active online and social media presence.

There are many Maruti car dealers in Ranchi, but the best part about Premsons Motor is that it gives the most amount of importance to the customers even beyond sale.

Want to buy Dzire car in Ranchi? Visit Premsons showroom today. To check out the new arrivals of Maruti Suzuki cars, visit our website: http://premsonsmotor.com or call +91 9308111111 to book a test drive.

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