Vehicle prep for winter is really important. Don’t get us wrong. We too like the chilling effect of December-January. No matter how hard you try, there are no shortcuts to make your car winter-friendly. As a leading Maruti Suzuki dealer showroom in Ranchi, we recommend you to have a quick look at the car care measurement for the winters.

Let’s have a look what are the major things to have in your checklist for winter car maintenance. How about having some quick and effective tips for your favorite vehicle?

Here are 4 tips from the expert Maruti Suzuki dealer showroom in Ranchi that every car owner should have a look for their car care.

  1. Reluctant doors and locks: Winter is the time when car doors get lazy. Door get frozen stuck across the northern regions of India. There’s no point of panicking though. It’s easy to get rid of this problem. Spend some money and seal around the doors. Locks also get a little stubborn in the cold climate. It’s due to the frozen mechanism inside the lock. Let’s tell you a trick. Just heat up the key with lighter and push it gently inside the car lock. You can use hand sanitizer inside the lock to ease up the glitch.
  2. Arid outer skin: A professional servicing before the winters are highly recommended by all the top dealers and car repair and service center in Ranchi. Before the winter, your car needs a heavy-duty wax and a good car cover. Believe us, this one move will protect your car skin from impending frigidness. Also, the wax makes the car skin look shiny and gives it the best quote of moist.
  3. Rigid Fluid and battery level: So,winter is just around the corner. One of the primary step to prepare your car for the winter is to check its fluid and battery level. Winter is the season when vehicles activate their lazy mode. Equip your car parts with advanced fueling. Also, inspect the battery from an authorized car repair and service center in Ranchi. This one step will set you free from any danger and car issues. If battery caps are removable, checking fuel level in every alternative month is recommended. But before performing the task read your manual carefully. Because, in many advanced cars, removal of cables can cause data loss.
  4. Oil level monitoring: This one thing is missed at large by the car owners. Better you don’t miss it. Lower temperature can make your car oil thicker. Winter reduces the oil effectivity along with its ability to circulate inside the engine. Always have a close look at the viscosity measurement. We recommend you to buy oil thinner than normal, especially for the winters. In your owner manual, there must be an oil viscosity manual. We recommend you go through that manual properly.
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Now time for some additional tips to have a “happy winter drive”-

Have a professional car servicing before the winter. Take your family for a short road trip on weekends. The best drive is always in traveling with the family. Rest enjoy the season!

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