Internet usage in India touched almost 500 million in June 2018, according to a report by IAMAI. The exponential growth can almost be credited to the increasing usage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Being among the best Maruti car dealer in Ranchi, we at Premsons Motor always tried to strengthen our online presence too. It is where our target audience is and we can’t ignore the power of the digital medium.

As a renowned car dealer in Ranchi, we had to embrace a strong digital marketing strategy to grow our digital footprint and reach out to more customers. It is a proven fact for car dealers that digital marketing creates more value and brings in more profit. It really edges out traditional marketing in this aspect.

From optimizing our website to strengthening other channels like search and social, we have embraced a 360 degree digital marketing model. However, there is one particular trick that amplified our efforts and totally transformed the way, people perceive our brand. There are numerous Maruti car showrooms in ranchi and often people have a hard time choosing the right one.

The only thing that really helps in this aspect is – ‘Customer Reviews’. People have a tendency to trust what other people are saying and this helps them in making the correct decision. Positive reviews add to the trust factor and it has a huge impact on the minds of the customers.

The ‘consistency factor’ – In the digital medium, customers want something innovative and engaging, so that they can interact with it instantaneously. We care about the Satisfaction of our customers and that’s why, we always focus on the experience. The first step in this direction is being consistent. We always have been fiercely consistent and this small approach separates us from the rest. Answering queries, sharing offers, showcasing customer experiences and adopting newer technologies, our consistency makes us immensely powerful in the digital world.

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Having a powerful video strategy – Videos are currently ruling social media and this form of content easily attracts the visitors. Moreover, videos are easily shareable too, making them highly accessible. Some of our live videos have been viewed for over 1.7K minutes and it became really popular in Jharkhand. Videos works wonders for “brand engagement” and online visitors watch them over and over again.

Using stories to showcase offers – Winning on social media is all about story-telling and it has got a new meaning after the introduction of stories. By showcasing tiny bits of information and giving the visitors a sneak-peek into the world of Premsons Motor, we have set a new benchmark for customer engagement. Our stories are viewed widely and it gives people more insight about our cars.

Focusing on the customer experience, one review at a time

Before buying a car, the customer goes through several stages. And each stage influences their final decision. The first step is finding out more about a car and learning the details of it. In the second stage, the potential customer looks in our website and searches for reviews and testimonials. The trust factor is important here and it relies solely on positive reviews. According to a latest survey, 90% of car shoppers visit a dealership website which has positive reviews.

On the other hand negative reviews are also instrumental in determining the success of a brand on the digital world. 19% negative reviews are written on weekends and these reviews demand instant action.

At Premsons Motor, we always concentrate on giving the customers the best support possible. Great offers, unforgettable showroom experience and active online support, we are sure, you will have a memorable time with us.

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