For obvious reasons, car manufacturers target people from 22-40. The fact is people from this age group make the maximum purchase. But one deserted segment by the manufacturers and the dealers are the senior citizens. Luckily, we are the only Maruti Suzuki showroom, that pays equal attention to every age group and their budget prerequisite.

Senior citizen people mostly visit a car showroom in Ranchi for buying small-budget hatchbacks. More than experimentation and adventure, they tend to prioritize the comfort facts both in terms of budget and leisure.

Here are the top 3 cars that we have found that cater to the basic requirements of the senior citizen age group. All these cars have some specific features which are bound to be user-friendly.

Let’s check out the Best Cars For Elderly people in India :

  1. Alto K10: Alto is one easy-to-pocket car that has been ruling the Indian roads.  Alto gives a steady mileage of 24.07 km/l on city roads.

    One amazing fact is Alto K10 is one of the best-sellers across every Maruti Suzuki showroom in the country. There’s no surprise element intertwined that fuel-efficiency and pocket-friendliness are those two major sectors where An Alto K10 can break any record on Indian roads.

    This mini car comes along with a boot-space of 177 liters which means the interior of the car is quite comfortable to sit in. The front windows are the power windows. For one can easily escape in case of an emergency door lock.

    This car has driver airbags and adjustable fog lamps. All these features come within 3.51lacs.

  2. CelerioX:  Whenever a senior citizen comes to our Maruti Suzuki Showroom, we understand that he/she needs a car which is faster to ingress and egress.
    No other cars can ever beat a Celerio X on this parameter. This slick-design hatchback is the most-on-demand car across every car showroom in Ranchi.  
    The size of the car makes it easily parkable. Roam around the city comfortably.
    The key highlight of this car is its front seat. Older people don’t feel a knee crunch while sitting on it, as the boot space in maximum.
    This lightly tall four-wheeler also scores on the budget-friendliness. This car comes with a price-tag of 4.70 lacs.

  3. Dezire:  A sedan is all about showing the class. As we all know that Maruti Suzuki Dezire has been one indisputable champion on Indian roads.
    Being a leading Maruti dealers in Ranchi, we get plenty of requirements from the senior citizen age group for Dezire.

    The price is certainly a little higher than small hatchbacks. Again, there’s no comparison when it comes to the premium level of comfort which only a sedan can provide.

    This big boy is easy to control on uneven roads. It’s spacious, comfortable, and loaded with a bunch of premium facilities. The huge 378 ltr. boot space is one high-point.

    It has power windows in both the front and back gates and has airbags for both the driver and the passengers. Safety is the key fact while buying a vehicle for the senior citizen age group. Obviously, Dezire has it all.

    A Dezire VXI comes with a 22km/ltr. capacity and it’s priced Rs. 5.60 lacs.

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All these four-wheelers of Maruti obtain a steady demand from the Indian market. These said reasons have additionally made these cars immensely popular among the senior citizen too.

If your parents are looking to buy Maruti cars in Ranchi, take them to the best Maruti Suzuki showroom in Ranchi. Here you will get both the budget and luxury cars from the manufacturer at a lesser price than that of the neighboring districts.

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